What is your opinion with online dating success rate?

I know there are a few questions that are sort of like this but I feel that it bears repeating.

How do you feel about on-line dating, I read an article yesterday that said there is a 77% rate of failure with these. Yet a co-worker recently got married after 6 months of being in a relationship that she met from on-line dating. She also had a bad experience with one. I myself jumped on the bandwagon as well and met someone who I absolutely adored yet our differences made it difficult. We are still friends. But after that my experiences have been anything but. I'm feeling this outlet is too glamarized by eharmony and whatnot and that it really doesn't work. Like the stats on the success rate varies depending on the sites you look at but really its a 20% success rate. which even though the participation rate has increased in recent years the success rate has not changes. It is one out of every 8 that finds someone and this doesn't include marriage. Just connecting.

Your thoughts? Boys and Girls please.


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  • I don't think the stats mean that online dating doesn't work. There's probably a one in 8 chance for every way of meeting people. At work, at a bar, through friends, etc. I tried it once and it made me really uncomfortable. I couldn't pull the trigger and go on a date. But I know a few people personally that are dating people they met online.

    • I've only gone on 4 dates. The first one we actually dated for a couple of months but we argued and I overracted. We still talk. but he doesn't want to date me anymore. And the other ones just no connection.

    • Well think about it, tons of people go on 4 dates with people they met in real life and it didn't work. Not saying online dating is necessarily the way to go, but 4 failed dates doesn't mean that online dating can't work.

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  • I don't see why not.. I mean statistic is just numbers, sure it seems that the success rate is low but when you're looking for something as serious as marriage it's understandable. I think the point of online dating is just to meet as many potential partners as you can that you'd normally won't be able to meet and see which one sticks. Just treat it as a venue..

  • No success for me, out of 3 times. But I'm not gonna sit here and say it's impossible. There are some benefits to dating online. But meeting in person will always be more preferred, as it's easy to lie and deceive someone over the net.

    • Thats what I've heard. Most of the guys I've talked to has said they haven't had the best experiences. One said he had a good experience but the relationship died after 6 months because she chose money over him. weird scenerio there.

  • guys have to make themselves stand out way more than girls do when it comes to online dating


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  • On-line dating is a 50/50 chance.

    Its harder for guys than it is for girls. I don't have anything against it. Its the 21st century and I see it as just another way for people to meet like minded individuals and hopefully find their soul mate :P

    • Why is it harder for guys?

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    • and women are more picky online than they are in person

    • Hate to say but yeah they are. But men are also more picky online than they are in person. I think its because online, you get to be picky because you kind of have this "endless" supply of people you can choose from.

  • How the relationships starts of is irrrelavnt,it is what goes on during that matters.Prehaps these '77%' of people just became complacent,just like how people who meet face to face may become complacent.

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