How do I tell if I like him?

Ok this is really confusing for me but basically a couple weeks ago a guy asked me out and I didn't like him but I said I'd go on a date

and despite him knowing I don't like him the same way we've been going on dates. Probably for the sake that I used to like him the same way.

but what I'm trying to get at here is

I think I might like him not

What do I do

I'm not good with this sh*t

it's never happened ever



and by "I think I might like him not" I mean "I think I might like him now" by which I mean I don't know what my feelings are doing help.


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  • You should just observe his actions during his date, how he will treat you, what his words subconsciously tell, and a lot.

    You can only tell that you like a person if you've been with them for a long time, and you just start being interested in them. If you're not sure about your feelings, you should say "I think I might not like him not". That will keep you out of any possible risky consequences.


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