just got over a LDR, having trouble getting back into dating

I am a bigger girl and love skinny to athletic guys. I used to have no problem getting them either. But been out of the game due to a ldr which is over and having a tough time in the wild. Tips, ideas, and whatever you do do not tell me to lose weight its not proper.


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  • There are guys out there who like bigger girls, the biggest thing is showing you respect your body, for me most people who are bigger and I mean obese also smoke, have ridiculous diets with no exercise which shows me they don't care about their health or respect themselves. If your bigger and still do things to take care of yourself, keep white teeth, dress nice, don't order a whole family's worth of food at McDonald's, don't smoke or anything like that then it'll be a lot easier to find guys who like you. Be flirty, be nice, and be confident (not to be confused with bitchy), and be yourself, you'll find guys who like you how you are.

    • Yeah never got that. I prefer a salad over most stuff unless its Mexican or a cheeseburger. Smoking is gross and not having white teeth is as well. Dressing sloppy does nothing for the appearance either. I prefer to stay on the fitted, but not tight side, unless I am at home or its a sweatshirt.

    • You should have no problems finding guys that'll like you then, that is my honest opinion, as I said just be flirty, be nice to guys and be yourself, find some social hangouts in your area and be outgoing. Best of luck

  • Just get out there and do it. You think you can get whatever guy you want, so I don't know why you're asking for advice.


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