First or second date and the girl is all over you, what would you think?

U asked her out but she is the one to make the first move and kiss u, she is all over u, hugging u, kissing your mouth, neck, hand, moving her hands over your chest arms... What would you think of this girl,? Would you like it? Would you think she always does that to everyone? Would you prefer if she waited you to kiss her? By the way she said she is old fashioned


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  • I think she can't wait to be with me if she acted that way. I think she's just hastening the process, and I think I can move things forward with her. She's my date, and I can trust her. I know she's only doing those to me, and not to everyone.

    I would prefer if a woman initiates everything, however I find it intimate and more sort of romantic if I were the one who will initiate. Either way, I'm still good.

    • Thats interesting... So you prefer if the girl iniciates but it would be more romantic if you did...

    • Yes, that's true.

  • That she's Swedish

    Swedish women are known to put out on the first date


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