Is this only a romantic phrase?

In short, my boyfriend is divorced now for a few years.

I recently saw a text to his ex-wife's phone reading "I love you heart and soul"

He said it's for his son who uses her phone to contact him..

My problem is that this phrase seems particularly romantic in nature.

He swears his ex knows its not for her and that he would never betray me but it seems really strange to send such a text to an ex's phone at all.

I know in the past he's text his son this way but in the end this is her phone and a message like that seems inappropriate to me..

Do you think this phrase is romantic? Would you text this to a child or your ex's phone for that matter?

I want to trust him on this but honestly I haven't heard this phrase used outside of a romantic situation before.


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  • Wouldn't consider it a phrase limited to just romantic feelings. It is also something a mother/father would say to a child especially one they are apart from. If there is any animosity between him and his ex he could be afraid that she will use their child as a pawn. It could also be meant for his ex. No one knows. You either have to trust him or not


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  • feel his sorrow of not being able to be with his son..

    the guy won't betray u.. he is an honest person..


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  • to be honest, I'm not to sure I believe that it was for his son. I don't want to make you worried, but it sounds similar to the excuse that "my friend was using my phone to text that girl"

    I could be wrong, but ask yourself do they talk often? have you been suspicious of him before? does he still talk about his ex? trust your intuition

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