Up till what age are you ready to date someone ?

ok so Girls ...up till what age gap can you accommodate between you and a guy when it comes to dating? are you ready to date a guy up to 6 years older e.g or not ? and GUYS...Till how young would you go when choosing a girl and if so would you date an older girl ?

  • 1-2 year age gap
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  • 3-4 year age gap
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  • 5-6 year age gap
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  • 7-8 year age gap
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  • Above 8 yrs
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Age gaps are stupid to care about imo. What matters itself might be age. And only that is too young. I've found most girls younger than around 20-22 area (i.e. anything younger than the end of college era) tend to be too immature to be worth it and most go through so many changes between high school and college it'd put strain on the relationship.. Same goes for men tbh.

    But as for the actual difference between a person? Non-issue imo. I could see it potentially being a problem of interests then. Someone who grew up 10 years after I grew up could have such vast differences in interests and opinions that it wouldn't work, but I wouldn't be with them anyways and there are those who likely could have similar interests and opinions. So really age difference doesn't matter.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I always hold my limit to about 3-4 years age gap, either younger or older.

    Anything above or below that makes me feel like that there's no chemistry between us.

    I've tried breaking my standards about half a dozen and it all went "sparkless".


What Girls Said 2

  • 5-6 years max, although a 27-28 year old man might be looking to get married quicker than I'm ready for. I tried dating much higher than that once and it didn't work out very well at all. It's shallow but I kept feeling like I was dating an old man (looks wise) and kept feeling pressure to move in and get married after a month.

  • 3-4 years either way is fine with me. I can see myself dating someone that's 5-6 older but not younger.