Help! I texted him and I'm scared of what will happen next!

So I'm extremely into this one guy and usually a mess when it comes to dealing with him. So tonight I was with some friends and somehow got the courage to text him. I know that he's attracted to me but I haven't gotten any messages from him as far as flirting. I'm dreading his response to my text (I only said hi) he hasn't texted back yet and I really want to initiate something with him. What should I do!?!?!


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  • Hahaha... calm down girl. Small talk... What are you doing? Anything fun going on this weekend? Just text it up... be funny if you can be. If you have positive energy and are fun to talk with this text a thon could go til 5 in the morning. It's Friday so he may be out and about. Don't get your feelings hurt if he doesn't respond for a little bit. You sure he knows who the message is from?

    Good luck.

    • haha I know I probably sound like a mess. I'm a spas. He hasn't texted back but my spastic little heart is going crazy haha. he has my number and gave me his. but I'm just going to accept that he's probably busy.

    • I doubt you are a spaz. You are just giddy... Heck it's exciting and it makes life feel so fun! He may be busy... If nothing else you got your heart racing and your mind going 100mph! At least you decided to be bold and text him! Who knows? Cheers!

  • To inebriated to answer this one. Pass some time, risk a day or two; he's worth the gamble right?

    • yes I think he's worth the gamble.

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