Is he hiding a girlfriend from me?

i met this guy December 17 at a company party. he was in new york from chicago where he lives. he told me he would be moving to new york city permanently in the summer. we got to talking and really hit it off, he all the sudden started sending me "i love you" and sexy messages and personal messages. every time he suggests we Skype and we set a time, HE NEVER SHOWS. tonight we were supposed to Skype at 11 it is now 12:30...whats the deal? he never calls me either. he only plans on staying with me and texting me I love you


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  • Probably scared you might not like how he looks, or he is trying the "cold" approach, where he halfway ignores you, (if so he is doing a crappy job with the approach) so you will become more interested in him.


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