7 months later my ex doesn't want to meet me. Is it odd?

We mutually broke up because we decided to go to different med schools. I was extremely devastated but I understood it wouldn't work out.

We had time apart a spoke twice since we broke up. There was no cheating, etc. if we went to the same school, we'd probably still be dating.

7 months later I am going to go to his city for a conference. He doesn't seem to want to just meet up.


He's not officially dating anyone for sure.

  • He doesn't want to catch feelings.
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  • He dislikes me. (Hardly possible though because I never did anything bad.)
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  • He is afraid of something.
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Plus, we were only together for 4 months! Not long at all. It was a pretty close relationship though.
Oh, and just physical attractiveness alone, he's kind of short and skinny. My friends would joke that he's a 6-7 but I thought he was 7-8. I liked him because he was super nice and smart.

I'm about a 7-9 depending on who you ask.


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  • If people take a distance, they are not interested. Relationships just like date requests often end up in no contact for life. I am not sayn its right, but its often true and hard to accept. I say you should move on, and let go of the past. It takes two to make a difference, not the will of one.

    • So he doesn't hate but just isn't interested in anything about me anymore right?

    • Have you kept any contact with guys you have rejected or told them why you are not atracted to them?

    • Just one but only because he's smart, nice and cute too. Mainly however because he contacts me. Sometimes when I reply, he doesn't reply. I have no hard feelings and hardly think about him. He contacted me again on New Years and I replied as usual. Basically I keep in contact with anyone that talks with me. This is ofcourse when I have time. It might be a week after they sent me an email but I reply.

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  • Maybe it took him a long time to get over you and he's afraid seeing you would start the clock over again.

    • I don't know. I was actually the one who wanted some commitment in the beginning but then we both knew it was impossible and it would limit both our lives. Is there any other reason you could think of?

  • I always believed that if two people truly loved each other, then they wouldn't break up no matter what came in their way.

    I voted A.

    • Perhaps. Then my relationship may not be a full relationship. If that's the case, wouldn't it be even easier to meet up with a casual friend?

    • That is what I would think too. But I really honestly have no idea what is going through his head... That is why I assume it is A.

  • I am going to say he is dating someone else. You guys only been together for 4months. I doubt he has serious feelings coming back if he sees you again but this is just my thought. I hope it works out for you.

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