Girl keeps ignoring or lagging on responding..

So lately I feel like my girl is playing games or something. She will be texting me and going back and forth, and then poof, she disappears for 1-4+ hours and then responds with short "attitude" feeling texts. And then other times, I will text, and she just won't respond, until I send her a simple 3, or 4, implying it's the 3rd or 4th text. She says my average is to respond after 3 texts, so I don't know if she's just playing games or what. What I'm trying to figure out is the best way to call her out on her behavior, without being too much of an a**hole, or sounding like a drama queen. Thoughts?


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  • She could be PMSing... Some girls are weird about ... a lot of sh*t!

    Why don't you wait a while and don't reply as fast to messages.. take your time.

    Females hate it when we get ignored or guys take forever to respond.


    • yes, girls freak out if you don't respond big time.

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    • I wish girls came with an instruction manual, haha.. The funny thing is, I was making sure I did everything he ex husband didn't do. Like help around the house, pay bills, help with cooking (which I'm an excellent cook, yet she calls me a chick for that) and cleaning, all that stuff. But I get this weird feeling that as much as she complained about him, she wants someone just like him.

    • I wouldn't doubt it!

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  • Just text her once if she don't get around to txting you da whoke day she completely ignoring you for someone else..lets hope she don't leave you for someone else


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  • shes being annoying. just call her and don't text from now on. if she's ignoring your calls too, meh whatever don't let girls control your life just find someone else!

    • funny thing is she is a year younger than me, and has told me that I have "a lot of maturing to do", haha. I'm not the one playing stupid games (except for last night when I tried it back to her.)