My 1st boyfriend is older then me ....

So I really like him and I enjoy so many things about him but I kind of don't think he feels the same way about me first of all he wants me to keep our relationship a secret from everyone because I am younger and he doesn't want to get in trouble and I don't want him to either also he only text me and I am fine with that but he only text me at night so I don't hear from him all day till he texts me which is fine because I know he is busy with work and stuff and he always want to come over to my house when I am alone but I haven't let him yet we haven't hung out together since he became my boyfriend but he says he is busy and we will soon and I believe him I don't know maybe I am just over reacting thinking to much about this I've just never had a boyfriend before and I need some advice so thanks p.s sorry if I rambled on and sound whiny


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  • How much older is he, this sounds a little suspicious

    • about 5 and a half years

    • At your age 5 and a half years might as well be decades.. You two are at completely different stages of life! I think the fact that you have to hide your relationship should be the first sign. I know you two may have feelings for each other but I think his intentions may not be what you think they are. He's at an age where you should be having serious, mature relationships and you're at the stage where you should be growing as a person. You're a young lady and still a child,he's a man

    • Please break it off with this guy, for your own safety. There's a reason why he is dating girls 5 almost 6 years you get than him. You're also a lot more vulnerable being younger. There's a reason he wants to come over when you're alone too. I really hope this entry is a joke and that this isn't actually some 15, 16, 17 year old girl dating a 20+ creep

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  • I know you like him, but he doesn't sound right for you. You need to find someone who will be proud to show you off as his girlfriend, not be some secret girlfriend because that sounds super sketchy to me. Be straight up with him and find out what his intentions are. If he doesn't make it a known relationship, cut it off. You deserve better.

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