If I know she's interested, how often should I text her?

Yesterday, I told her I like her. It was already pretty obvious and she seemed happy. She told her friend (not me, so I'm not exactly supposed to know but her friend told me) that she wanted to take things slow (which I actually think is really good) and she got really happy when I told her I like her. We get along really well and I care about her, not just about us. And it seems like she really cares about me too. But I don't want to text her every day in fear that it'll pressure her or something. She always keeps the conversation going but she's never the one to text first.

Once again, I'm not supposed to know any of this. But we talked for a couple hours yesterday after that (not about us, just about things) and it was a really good conversation, she seemed pretty happy.


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  • Well you could text her a few times a week but if you have nothing really to say don't bother, it'll seem like you're just pestering her. What you would want to do instead is see her more at school, in person is better and more important to girls than over the phone. It shows you have time for her, but don't spend all you're time on her, you should still back off every now and then if you want to go slow.

    Good luck!

    • I do my best to see her at school, but we have different schedules so I can only see her a couple hours three days, and the other two days I'm lucky any of our classes get cancelled so we can talk. She has free time completely alone at one hour but I have a very important and strict class. But I understand what you're saying. I should probably just text her naturally whenever, I shouldn't have a plan or schedule.

    • If you get chances walk her to class or after her class bring her on a date if she's not busy. Or, since its winter now it's perfect timing for some nice hot chocolate for after class when she's heading home. This can show you're thinking about her and care even when you can't be with her because you're busy.

  • I always look forward to hearing from my crush. He may text about random things, it still makes me happy because then I know he's thinking of me and wants to tell me about whatever. its like he wants to share something with me and talk to me, just that I'm not there. If I don't hear from him in a single day I would wonder what's wrong and miss him. I do text him but I know he's busy so rather than bother him at times, I'd wait for him to text me and keep chatting till he stops/get busy again. As your schedule is strict, maybe she thinks like me? Eagerly waiting to hear from u?


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