Tips and strategies for texting a guy who're you're into.

I was wondering, how should a woman text a guy that she kinda is interested in and he's interested also but they haven't decided to call each other yet. I just don't want to do anything that will make him think I'm desperate or too open and then he "runs away", even tho I want to be open and not so "closed off and reserved." I want to know:

-Should girls end the conversation over texting ?

-what should girls say to make him want to text her the next day?

-what does it men when a guy says he wants to hang out but hasent set a date for it yet?

and any other tips you have for me that ia Haven't asked. :) thank you for your help.


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  • lol desperate. If ever there was a word you could tell girls to keep traditional gender rolls in place, it's desperate.

    I don't know about any of that texting stuff. I've never been a big fan.

  • Just text him saying there is a surprising thing and ll say the next day... This ll make th guy to text first th very next day... And be somewhat teasing this ll make you interesting for th guy...


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