Why would a guy go out of his way to offer to do something nice if it's a lie?

if he wants to ditch you shouldn't he just ignore you?

there was this guy I was casually seeing/hanging with. he appears and disappears a lot. I don't mind that much because I don't see him as someone I could be in a relationship with.

last week I started school and he just sent me this text message (on his own, I did NOT ask or say anything about it, he texted me first) about how we will go out soon as soon as he gets his crap together with work (he has a very busy career he always complains about).

but we haven't spoken all week. sometimes we go a week without talking.

but I don't understand why he sent me that whole nice message. it's not like I asked him about it, he just texted it to me.

does that mean he will follow through? I feel pretty insulted that he sent that and has not followed through yet.

why would he bother to text me on his own to tell me how we will spend time together if he doesn't mean it? I'm pretty mad I haven't heard from him all week.

does he just not like me? I don't understand why he made that promise then. it makes me feel very angry and resentful towards him. I think it's such a jerky thing to do. it would have been better if he had not texted me at all rather than getting my hopes up first.

he has made false promises before. I just don't understand why he does that.


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  • I think he really likes you. With how things are going, I think he just wanted to focus first on his priority and get things straight. It will just hurt both of you if you're together when he's always away doing things. This causes a lot of drama and headache.

    He's a very understanding guy.

    • but he isn't. he hasn't even talked to me at all. and he has made false promises to me.

  • Yeah, that happens too much. Childish and rude, it's a sign of limited integrity. Stay away.

    • he makes a lot of false promises. I think I might just ignore him. I'm pretty mad.

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