Potential boyfriend or just friends?

So I started seeing this guy about 3 months ago. Initially he asked for my number and set up our first "hang out." I was busy the first couple of times he tried to make plans, but he was very persistent, and eventually we set a date. Our first date was amazing! We instantly clicked, and discovered that we have quite a lot in common. Fast forward to 3 months later, things have been moving very slow. He typically texts me once a day, usually it's just a "hey how's it going?" My issue is that he is not good about making plans. The last couple of times, I was the one who initiated dates: asking him to dinner, and even made a move for us to be intimate (we still have not had sex). I'm wondering if I should back off and let him make the dates...but I'm afraid to lose him since I've already started to develop feelings. Guys I've dated in the past were always very aggressive: making plans, wanting to be intimate, so it throws me off that he's not biting at the bit. Does he just want to be my friend?


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  • well I feel like something missing out that you haven't mention. even with all those plans you cancelled on him during the beging, a man doesn't change over night just because.

    Especially if its you making all the plans, have you played hard to get too much? or perhaps did something to make him question himself?

    True guys are agressive but we kinda need the permission nod from women before we begin, so they feel comfortable and not feel pressure.

    • Thanks for your reply! No missing pieces to my knowledge. I played hard to get in the beginning, but I feel like I've made my intentions pretty clear recently. I texted him "I miss you :)" the other night and he replied, not to mention the date asking as of late. I did end up spending the night at his place one night after watching a movie; turned into some intense making out but no sex. I have no problem asking him his intentions, but we all know guys like to chase and don't want to scare him.

    • Grats, Good Luck N your Love Life

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