Should I just forget about him?

So I texted the guy I like. All I said was heyy and he texted back yo and the next text I sent he didn't answer. I know yo is a form of hi but he's never said that to me before so I'm not really sure what that means. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it I'm just trying to figure out if he doesn't like me.


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  • I agree with Collin. And if someone just texts me with a hi or hey, I'll usually reply back with a yo or a what or something since a hey or a hi is slow for a text, not worth the text, not awe-inspiring, etc. A what or a yo is a way to poke or prod the other person. But follow Collin's advice.

  • If he doesn't reply then I'd drop it, don't text him again and wait for him to say something to you first. If you press it by texting him more without him replying you'll appear desperate, needed, likely to be clingy, and probably overbearing. Do the right thing, wait for him to say something or try talking to him in person next a few times and waiting at least a week before texting again. Best of luck


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