Suggestions on men and they ex's that never fade awaay..

I have a boyfriend of 2yrs I live with him in his home, he's 47 and I'm 31 Ever since I have been with him He has had many diff. women call and text his phone x gf's that is...But he always tell me they crzy they won't leave him alone but these calls texts have not stopped and and this morning he got a text from the girl whos been calling the whole time we been 2gether ...Im sick to death of all these other women calling and texting . He guards his phone turns it off when he's home and on the weekends it don't come on unless I'm sneaking threw it to see what I can see ... he says he not cheating but something is telling me diff... any suggestions for me ?


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  • Well he has to be saying something to these woman to keep getting them to call him.

    Communication has to be coming from both ends. Especially if one has been calling for 2 years. And why is he turning off his phone and not allowing you to answer it, I can understand that its "his phone", And he doesn't want you to get involved in drama. But it does sound kinda ridiculous. Especially if I was in your shoes and I had a girl and some guy or guys were always calling her.

    Has he ever answered the phone in front of you and he's told them to leave him alone?

    Im not the type to to get into peoples buisiness like this and tell you what to do. But I would suggest speaking with him and voicing how this makes you feel, and what you would like. Then after that, if this continues, you will know what type of course of action you would have to take.

    • No when it rings in front of me he pulls it out his pocket and turns it so I can't see and don't answer and delets in front of me ,HIS phone always on vibrate or off in his pocket ... yeah he saying some to these women cuzz they don't call for nothing ! not for 2years ...

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    • Well clearly there is. I had an ex like this, and she was sleeping with other men behind my back, and I used to do the same as you, leave my phone anywere in the open just so she could see that I wasn't playing around, or had random people calling me or anything. I had to end that relationship. Just voice your opinion one more time, make it clear this is the last straw and if it doesn't stop, your gone. I hope everything turns for the better for you guys and he smartens up.

    • Thanks so much ... I think its a little to late for him thow...

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  • He's cheating! He's just trying to cover it up.

    No one will call your phone for an entire two year relationship unless you are speaking with them.

    Do not let your love blind you, see what is right in front of you.

    Not only is he being deceptive but he continues to upkeep these lies.

    Reconsider your relationship.

    How much longer can you see yourself putting up with this?

    • Yea that's what I say 2... when I get mad and catch him getting texts and sending he tells me I need help andd I'm crzy ... ain't nun going on...and to make matters worse the girl live rite dwn tha damn street frm us ...smh

  • it is really not acceptable. being friends with women he has been is still kinda acceptable. but constant contact with them is not. moreover he guards his phone which can possibly mean that he is hiding stuff from you(MAYBE).

    Let him know how you feel about it. seriously ask him to limit his contacts with them if he can't completely cut off with them. Today you are his girlfriend and his responsibilities are toward you and your feeling not his ex's. ask him to chose between you or them if he isn't willing to limit the contact.

    if he isn't willing to do what you want then I think you know what is better for you...

    All The Best... :)

    • I have asked , cried and begg him to stop these call and texts and even suggested him get a new number ...if its been going on this long I don't think its gone stop now .. 2yrs me being upset about the same thing ... he's too damn old anyways to be conversating with all kinds of women .. this sh*t jus blows my mind ...

  • this man is cheating on you or at least has much to hide in light of what you've said. He's 47 at mid-life crisis time, men this age have somehting to prove to themselves, though blow me if anyone gives a crap what it is. If this was my man I wouldn't entertain him any longer. there should be nothing on his phone, pc etc that he would not show you if you ask. Privacy is one thing, game playing is another.

    • You are right , I feel the same way... The phone is OUR ONLY PROBLEM and he won't change it so ...