Is there any way I can get this girl to text me back?

I met this girl at a party and she was so into me. We grinded and made out for like 30 minutes, then went to one of her friends apartments. She gave me her number without me asking for it. So last night I texted her:

Me: "Hey. We should hang out sometime. Don't forget about me haha"

Her: ha ha I won't! Lets hangout like tomorrow or something

Me: OK. I'll text you tomorrow!

Her: Okayy! What's up

Me: I'm going to sleep. See you tomorrow!

Her: Damn okay night


Me: Hey cutie :) how's your day going so far?

Me 20 minutes later: Sorry if you don't remember me. You were so hammered last night ha ha (I don't think she was that drunk but I just wanted to be a little funny I guess)

What can I do?

ok. she texted me back.

Her: Hahaha sorry yeah I don't remember you! But what's your name ha ha sorry I feel bad.

Me: Haha I'm Eddie. From KA last night. Maybe you'd remember me if you saw me.

Her: Probably if I saw you! Are you in ka?

Me: I'm rushing there. But yeah, we should get dinner later and see if you recognize me haha.

Me again: I mean if that's not really weird haha

She hasn't texted me back. Maybe she will later though idk


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  • You can't do anything except wait and possibly look for other girls, In the single dating world, there is no exact loyalty or guarantee the girl you talk to tomorrow will still talk to you in a few weeks.

  • Nothing. You wait now. Call her in the next few days if she still hasn't responded.

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