Is this girl still interested in me?

Okay, after being cheated and lied to by my ex, I was happy to find that a girl from work messaged me saying if I needed to talk or anything, she would be there for me. She also turned up in one of my writing classes at colleges. Her and I talked/texted everyday for a week and a half, and a week in we went on a date. Her and I went minigolf, ate dinner, and cuddled and watched a movie at my house. She said had a great time and would love to do it again. She also texted me once saying that she loves talking to me everyday.

Four days ago, I sensed some type of change. I asked her if she wanted to meet up between classes, and she ignored that. When we talked in class, I felt distant, and our chat that day wasn't lively. She hasn't initiated any text conversations: I've been doing all of the initiating, even when waiting at least a day and a half to text her. I sent her a text yesterday, and she ignored it. I texted her today, and she replied immediately, but she must be too busy or something because she isn't texting me right now. I was hoping that her and I would hang out today, but I think she won't want to make any time for me. So my question is, is she still interested, is she playing some type of love game with me?

Also, should I put all of my eggs in one basket, or play the field? I'm the kind of guy who loves investing in one woman, and I honestly hate the "flirting and dating game." It's really hard to find that reciprocity from another girl.


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  • Never put all your eggs in one basket unless you are in a committed monogamous relationship. I wouldn't text her again until she responds.

    • Yeah, she isn't texting me back :( It's frustrating. I guess I'll wait for her to text me, but that could take forever.

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