Is she still interested in me?

About 6 months ago I met this girl and we really hit it off. I never had such a strong connection with someone. Things were getting serious but I had to leave the area for a few months due to my job. There were opportunities to see each other on the weekend but there was still a lot of distance. It worked OK for about 2 week until she ended it and told me because she will miss me too much. I was heart broken. A few weeks went by with little contact. One day she texted me and told me that she missed me a lot. We got together shortly after but it was nothing serious. By the time I came home for good she was giving me signals that she still had feelings for me. We went out a few times but she soon became flaky when we really started to get close. She told me she isn't ready for a relationship with anyone right now. I don't think there is anyone else but I'm not positive. Although she tell me she's not ready she still gives me all these signals. For example texting me songs and when she walks with me on the few occasions that I am with her it's like she's pushing herself into me. I've tried not speaking with her but I almost never go without a day before she texts me. All I want is to be with this girl. I've never felt so sure about that with anyone else. Should I wait around and keep trying or will that put me into a friend zone.


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  • Then you need to talk to her and tell her you feel like you are getting mixed signals. Explain it just like you did on here, and ask her what she wants. If she's being wishy washy its going to be up to you to try to get it straight. Hope it all works out.

    • Thanks. I'll try and talk to her more. I've put all my cards on the table before to be as straight up and honest as I could and it hasn't worked so far. Maybe it will change if I ask again. She'd told me in the past that she sometimes does want to be with me but then is afraid that I might hurt her or it would jeopardize our relationship and she doesn't want to lose me. Is there anything I can say that might comfort her? I know I can't promise that but I would never hurt her intentionally.

    • well you can only try to reassure someone so many times. I hope it works out. but in the event that it doesn't, it just makes room for someone else special to come into your life. You can't chase her forever.

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