Will you share some jucy kissing tips? ;-)

Guys, what do you like when a girl kisses you a certain way? Or how would you like your girl to kiss you? Girls, what ways of kissing do you find fun? Or things that you have found your guy likes most?


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  • Haha, such a fun question...

    Throughout all the girls I've kissed, the ones who stand out are the ones who have TECHNIQUE.

    What does that mean?..

    It means don't just giggle and kiss with pecks, it means use your body when kissing! My first love was and is an amazing kisser, she 'melts' when we do. Haha like literally melts, she starts loosing her balance and falls forward on me and it turns me on because it makes me feel like I'm doing right, and it makes the moment sexy. She moans while kissing, and that is self explanatory. She (I love kissing her as you can see! Ahaha) uses her knee to press between my legs, and moves it forward and back, so along with the sexy kissing it makes the moment hot.

    Another great kisser bit my bottom lip, [I know some people get nervous because they don't want to hurt their partner, so I say practice on your own, bite into your bottom lip as hard as you can. And as soft, get an idea of where the medium is.] this was sexy because she didn't do the entire time, she did it twice and pulled it slowly and it made me want her to do it.

    I suggest feeling on his body, when you do this it makes the guy know your attracted to ALL of him.

    Use all these tips and you'll be remember as one of the greatest kisser ever. Lol. I think it had a lot to do with making your partner feeling sexy, they feel that by your actions and responses which will make YOU look sexy.


    •Loose Balance, & let him hold you up- he gains dominance.

    •Moan throughout

    •Use one of your legs to rub between his.

    •Bite his bottom lip slowly and shortly.

    •Use those hands and feel across his hair, neck, & torso.

    Ask if any more questions!


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  • Fresh breath, smell good, give feedback, and take your time. And don't do this: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=Xp-jZyzQSms

  • Lip biting. My first girl tried that on me and I really disliked it. Surprisingly, every girl I try this on since then really enjoys it.

  • Don't bite. I hate that so much. And girls always bite my bottom lip. Everytime.

    • Why don't you like it?

    • Cause girls get carried away with biting. They can bite too hard. Nothing sexy about breaking the skin, and bleeding. Especially if you don't know the girl that well. You don't blood in your mouth while you're kissing.

    • Oh well I have never had that happen but I see why you wouldn't want to try it lol.

  • Definitely try biting his lower lip...


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  • I recently was told I'm a good kisser haha. I don't even really know what I do. :) Take breath mints ahead of time, keep my lips soft, follow his lead, don't overpower him with my tongue, hold the back of his head, kiss his neck or ears, and otherwise just wing it.

  • I find it fun to put an ice cube, a breath mint, or soem tiype of candy in your mouth and pass it through each others mouth (french kissing) AND FLAVOURED LIP BALM

    • Lol never tried the Ice Cube, YET. But I love when she has lip balm...haha

    • Thanks for that, I tried the mint thing. It was really fun. He even like hid it in his mouth so I had to find it. Turns out he swallowed it. What a rascal haha. :)