First date I texted after but he never replied back?

Long story short I met the guy online after 4 days we met went on a date and he complimented me a lot and I am sorta bad at taking compliments so I kept saying no .. Anyways he had an exam next day which is today so I messaged first time after meeting him yesterday saying goodluk on exam.. I Haven't heard back from him till now.. Does it mean he is not interested how long should I wait before I conclude myself? Also he did call me last night after the date planning for a second date .. But usually he texts lot everyday he hasn't texted at all... I am confused.. Can someone tell me what's going on?


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  • just lave it up to him to reply, if he is interested, he will wonder why you have not got in touch, and when he sees his phone, he will realize that you have, or if he has ignored your call, he will still get in touch if you mean anything to him, he won't leave it long before ringing/texting, unless he's not interested of course, in which way, you want to make sure he is before texting again,x

    • But I wasn't appreciating any of his compliment so did that tell him I am a red flag? Lol

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    • Yes exactly why would he compare himself though I have only known this guy for a week lol messed up loser

    • I couldn't of judged that better myself, you obviously know him better than you think lol,x

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  • Girls love compliments guys hate rejections.sounds like he's trying an your not recouperating his effections.


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