How to lessen the sting of a friend getting the date, but not you?

I asked this girl out to some fun date-like activity. I thought for sure she'd say yes, but she ended up not wanting to. My friend, who had no idea about me and her, later asked her out to dinner. She said yes and went with him.

Here's the thing: it happened a couple years ago. I just found out about it now from her when we were all talking. She's apparently forgotten all about me asking her out, but remembers going out on that date with my friend.

It's kind of childish, but...I can't lie. It hurt a bit to hear that stuff. Even now it still stings. How do I lessen the sting?


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  • Stop caring. You're taking personal offence to it for whatever reason when you shouldn't be.

    • well, I lost out to my friend. That's why it feels personal.

    • And, if he wasn't your friend, you would have lost out to a complete stranger. He was more her type than you were. There are girls out there that would choose you over him so there's no reason to feel badly.

  • It's clear that she's not interested in you.

    Just accept that and focus your mind to approaching another girl.

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