Was he interested at all? Should I continue?

Well I messaged this guy I kind of like on Facebook. At first I asked about school to start then we started talking about other things. Then he started responding with one word texts (2), so I figured that he didn't want to talk to me anymore so I said I had to go and that I'd either see him or talk to him later and then he said 'later'.

So was he interested at all? Did the one worded texts mean he wasn't?

And should I try messaging him again without seeming too interested or desperate? If so how long and what do I say?

(We don't have any classes together anymore but we are both in the same sport/club after school once a week)

Also he always responded quickly to the messages


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  • I think he's interested. Perhaps, something is just making him busy (perhaps, playing an MMORPG game, or is watching p*rn), that's why his messages are one-worded.


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