What happend with us that I missed?

I've been dating this girl that I think is the one for almost 4 years. We started dating and we had sex a lot for the first 2 years. Then randomly I noticed it going down a lot. From 2-3 times a day every day to once a month if I'm lucky. I know relationships aren't about sex but I'm so in love with this girl and she looks so amazing I can't help myself wanting to have sex with her. Recently we started having a little more sex but I can't last long anymore and I know it bothers her to where I hate myself because of it. What happend that made her not interested in me anymore? What can I do to fix it? What can I do to last longer?


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  • Try something new, go away for the night, do something out of the ordinary maybe camping under the stars? Leave her little notes sounds silly but it shows you care. I think you could be thinking to much with the time your lasting so when you do have sex making its more a mission than enjoying it, try some new moves in the bedroom if you don't like it at least you tried, hope you get sorted

  • This happens in many relationships, Things become more routine and the fireworks seem to fade, try getting the spark back between you, buy her flowers, take her for a romantic meal? Try talking about how you feel and try something new in the bedroom department,

    • That's exactly what happened! I will try the flowers idea but the romantic dinner always backfires with her because she would rather make something at home. How could I get out of this routine? That's basicly the only thing that needs to change to get "us" back.

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