Girlfriend texts in an annoying way. Guys, should I do this?

There's a few more details here link

Guys, is it best to sometimes not text back as much to your gf? Like last night I was trying to banter about something we always talk about and she says "whatever". It annoys the crap out of me when she has short responses so I went to bed.

Normally I feel fine responding whatever because she's my girlfriend and it shouldn't matter. But is it smart to sometimes respond like "Nice that sounds cool". or "Oh cool".

Pretty much responses that don't send a lot back.

I don't want to play games, but it bothers me that it FEELS like she's showing less interest in text.


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  • To answer both of your questions, it could be the situation around her in person that is causing her to be short with texts or it could just be her. It can be kind of difficult to have full blown conversations over text when you're apart from each other, so if you can arrange time for conversations on the phone or Skype with her, then that would be the place to talk full-on.

    My girlfriend is a short texter and it made me wonder if there was an issue early on. But once I figured out that she just doesn't want to type much in a text or email, then you just save it until you hang out or call/Skype. This is especially true if someone is busy, as they can't give you their undivided attention.

    Try to stop attaching these thought up conclusions to the situation. Bring it up to her and ask her if she just doesn't like talking through text. If that's the case, adjust to find a solution that will appease the both of you.

  • Not everyone wants to have long discussions over text.

    Stop putting so much emphasis into what she texts or doesn't text. You don't know the circumstances. You don't know if she's busy, tired, talking to someone in the flesh, watching telly, falling asleep, or whatever.

    It doesn't matter. Stop making it matter.