Does she like me? Please read!

So my ex-gf and I have been talking increasingly since our break up 6 months ago. The last few weeks have been seeing us become closer and extremely nice. We hang out 2-3 times a week, she calls me roughly 3-6 times per day ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours per phone call. When she goes out to clubs with her friends she texts me through out the night, calls me on her way home from clubs, etc. We broke up because her family didn't like her dating a chubby guy. I've spent the last 6 months working on myself and such. I have asked her back out and she tells me she loves me so much but she wants to be 100% sure before she commits. I feel like her and I are truly meant for one another. During the last 6 months I have dated other girls and I truly can say that those experiences have cemented in my heart that she is my one. I have also refrained from physical activities as I want a relationship to be built on communication, trust, and understanding. Thanks for reading and your advice!


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  • I agree with the other answer.

    You two are definitely meant for each other and should try your relationship out again.

    Show her subtle acts of love and affection so that she can be 100% sure herself.

    • Any pointers about how to do that? Her thing is that since we don't have sex that we shouldn't be together. I am her 2nd real relationship and her first boyfriend that doesn't go to school far away. I think after a while you lose that lust that is at the start. Eventually the new car smell goes away. Mind you I've been in 4 serious relationships that lasted years at a time.

    • Just be sweet to her, be yourself. Don't let the "new car smell" go away. Keep things fun and exciting. Remember that the things you do to get her shouldn't stop after you have her.

    • Well, I try to keep the new car smell from going away. She's has depression and takes meds. I've done research and know the side-effects. I know what occurs in depression and how it can affect one's sex drive. She thinks that her lack in sex is an indicator that we shouldn't be together. Even though she goes out to clubs with model-esque guys hitting on her and she doesn't feel that sexual desire. It's her I feel not me or any other guy.

  • I truly think that you two are meant for each other, don't rush her into it though. Let her make the decision. If it turns out she changes her mind just know that no matter what anyone thinks, you should never change (Unless that's what YOU want) for anyone.

    • I agree with you! All of the people that know me and our situation say the same. She is an unsure person and she wants to be sure about me and our relationship. I guess only time will tell. I truly have no desire to be out with other girls even though my friends tell me to go out and date. I don't know what to do about that.

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