Help me figure out teenage guys?

I met this guy a few weeks ago and I was instantly attracted to him and apparently so was every other girl in my class but I'm a bit on the shy side until I know someone, so I just watched girls throw themselves at him until he started catching my eye. It would be like a game; I look up and catch him starring and then I stare for a second and he looks up to check if I'm still looking.

Eventually that progressed to little comments back and forth and exchanging smile. When we were allowed to choose our seats, out of every seat in the room, he chose to sit next to me. We started having conversations that included a lot of teasing and giggling, just some good ol' flirting and then he messaged me on Facebook which lead to him giving me his number and texting all night and I had a friend tell me he was looking at me all class period.

The problem is 1. he has a girlfriend, 2. I'm not looking to break anyone up, 3. I'm not familiar with how he acts normally so I don't really have a gauge to tell... What do you think about this whole situation? Any commentary is appreciated :)


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  • Sounds like he's either loving the attention or he's being a wanker to his girlfriend. Either of which suggest he will hardly be the best boyfriend to anyone. At least not during teenage years where halfof the relaionships out there aren't taken seriously and only as temporary beings.

    So, advice.

    Keep talking to him. But as a friend and a friend only. If he breaks up with his girlfriend don't let yourself think that its your chance now, because chances are he will either use you or treat you in the same way as his current girlfriend.


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