A question for guys who have cheated their girlfriends..

haa here's drama. I met my boyfriend from a dating site for few months exclusively .

Recently he wouldn't call me back ..and he's been too busy with his work to see me. I have great gut feeling lol always works well when sh*ts happening, so I kinda felt he's cheating on me.. and also he's been on the dating site a lot recently.

He would always send me a text everyday but it just when I tried to see him or call him, he wasn't available.

so here's the story. A girl friend of mine who uses the same site, checked his profile. she only checked, but the next day he sent her a pretty long email with some flirts. she replied him back asking what he's upto(she knows all the situations between me and my boyfriend. and he told me he'll be gone for his business trip for two days.), shocking he wasn't on the trip, just sitting at home just messing around dating site...

She called me right up and told me only the part that he emailed her.. so I texted him I've got a situation and I wanted to see him.

I think he sensed what's going on.. he was calling and texting me nonstop which I wasn't able to answer them because I was in the meeting. My friend sent him a long email saying he shouldn't be like this and told him how he missed a great girl lol

I met her later same night and figured everything even the fact he's been lying to not see me... which was so hard for me to accept...

I thought we're done.. well kinda we are.

he texted me this afternoon saying 'I knew what you doing whole time.'...wtf

but I just like him want to see him so much

eversince yesterday he hasn't been on the site..

guys if you ever cheat on your girlfriends, did you go back to her or moved on?

I know I feel so stupid but I just like him so much that I want him to appologize and ask for another chance...


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  • If he cheated once he's going to do it again, and yes I always went back to the girls I cheated on and kept cheating on them until they stopped taking me back, then went to the next one.

    • why though..? was that because you had chance to meet other girls?

      another question, were you taking your girlfriends seriously? why would you go back to girls you cheated on?

      haha too many questions sorry

    • Because humans are polygamists by nature, especially men, it's not in our genetic makeup to go after just one girl, and yes I was taking them seriously and I really did like them, only one ever found out actually, and I'd go back because I did like them, it's like I liked the girls I was cheating with more,I just liked dating other girls too

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  • I've been through a very similiar experience. Caught my (ex) man red handed like you and he tried to say the whole 'I knew you were trying to trick me and was playing along' deal. Leave him, don't accept his apology and tell him straight to his face that he F***ed up. Besides, do you want to be in a relationship where you have to sneak around to see if he's being sneaky? Do you want to be that person? I hope this helps :)