Does my crush like me back or is he just being nice?

So I've liked the same guy since sophomore year in high school, he was a senior. I am now a freshman in college and he moved to different state. We would always text and I confessed to him that I liked him though FB before he moved. He didn't really say that he liked me back, but later he had texted me saying that he was sorry that we didn't work out and that I shouldn't wait for him. Soooo...recently he sent me an I'm saying happy birthday and how he was sorry that he never thanked me for the birthday wishes I gave him. We conversed for a while, then he asked me if I wanted to pic message. I agreed after he said that he wanted to see my smile. My phone wasn't working so I told him that I would send it to him later. He apparently sent me one of him, but I never received I, because my phone wouldn't receive it. I asked him for my pic of him and he said that he would send it later, because he wasn't sober. I knew our conversation was ending, because we ended up exchanging one word responses. I was the last to reply and he hasn't replied since. Yet he has time to update his status and converse with others. I saw that he also like a pic on a group page. It said something like : Politeness has become so rare that people mistake it for flirtation.

Is he being polite or could he maybe like me back too? Please, I've been with this crush for almost three years! Advice?

He is "supposedly" moving back in February. He seems to get a lot of attention from a lot of girls. Am I the only one that sees him as charming or does ever girl does too?


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  • I think that politeness phrase you saw him like pretty much answers your question, he's just being nice at the moment.


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  • I'll be honest, he has no interest whatsoever in you besides playing around.

    He said no to your confession 3 years ago, but he came around again , most likely cause he's desperate, playing around or just trying to be friends, but considering how he was somewhat flirting, he's playing around.

    Another point is that he doesn't really want to talk to you, one word msgs are not a conversation. And he has time to update his status and talk to others? Clearly not a good sign.

    There's also irony I'm the pic cause for him it should be politeness has become so rare because most people are just flirts who don't care, like him.

    Three years is too long unless you were actually in a relationship besides friendship. You should forget about a player like him. Its time to move on, there are better fish in the sea willing to be caught by you. Just have confidence, smile and make a move.

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