Is he shy or not interested?

I went out with this guy. He was on the shyer side but I thought we had a great time. I texted him first and then a day or so went by and I didn't hear from him. I texted him today and he asked me what I was doing this weekend and when I said I was free. He response that he might find something to do but hell text me and let me know. I'm just staying to think he's not all that interested. I don't believe in "rules" but at the same time I'm not sure if his lack of initiative is from shyness or lack of interest.

Please excuse the typos I did this on my phone!


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  • He's interested, no doubt. He asked you if you were free because he wants to spend his time with you, thus he's looking for something interesting which both of you can have fun and bring you both closer to each other.

  • youve already said he's shy... so wheres the confusion?


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