What would you consider a perfect date?

what would you people consider a perfect date? like a dinner and a movie is that I would say is a good date. can you think of anything? its the winter and there is snow and a lot of it.


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  • sweetie, its not about what you do, its how you do it. or maybe I'm messin up. ha ha point is. As long as your conversation flow is good, its considered a great day even if you don't do much. for examply I've been on plenty expensive dates. movie, dinner, (super nice expensive place) but when the guy was so boring the date was terrible. I had a date recently. went out for coffee and had amazing conversation and decided to go to a movie. one of the best dates because I had a great time lol good luck. if its snowing id suggest a movie night at either one of your places. (:

    • so just make sure I strike up a conversation and don't bore her

  • dinner and a movie.. I am boring, haha;)

    • lol (; well how could I make it at least inresing and fun

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