How should I deal with this if it becomes awkward?

Basically, there's this guy (I know, typical for these questions) Anyway, I met him in a night club and we got on really well, and the next time I met him we did kiss. We were talking (mostly via text) for a while, but nothing came of it. It's always me starting conversations etc, but he makes an effort to keep conversation going (asks lots of questions, double texts etc) Anyway, I've only been friendly but I'm worried he thinks I'm some crazy stalker who fancies the pants off him (which..well yeah I sort of do, minus the crazy stalker)

Now I hadn't really planned to bump into him again, and if so it would be casual and I would go after a bit. But my friend (from a different city) met his flat mate through me, and now really wants to meet up with him when she's visiting me. They've got a date in the day, but she wants to go to the same club as them that night. I don't mind this, but how can I make sure the situation isn't awkward and he doesn't think I'm psycho?

He has seen me with someone else and I have only spoken to him briefly by text and all. How should I act? I don't want to ditch her with their group but I'm worried it could get awkward if I end up hanging around them. Other people are coming out with us, do you think I should act?


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  • Try not to over-think the situation. I doubt that he thinks you're a stalker or a psycho.. If when you're around him again and you two are talking to each other you realize that the conversation is weak excuse yourself and go and hang out with another person in your group who's farthest from where you two are.

    Look your best, don't overdo it, keep cool, calm and collected and believe that you're worth being chased by a great guy...if he doesn't miss you and try to grab your attention then I guess he isn't so great after all.

    • Thank you! This answer is actually really lovely :3 you're right, and if this does happen, I think your advice is perfect. I'll give it a go :)

    • You're welcome :). All the best!

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