How to get him to settle down?

theres this guy, he wanted to have a date with me so hard. he asked me 10 times out before I actually wanted to go on a date with him. so I did last summer and we started seeing each other whenever he was in town. (because he's travelling a lot to different countries because of his work)

so he never stays longer than one week here, where I live. every time he comes home, he will call me to come to his place. we are always having fun and a great time. we are happy together but as soon as he leaves the country he won't text me or call me or anything. I don't even know where he is when he's not here.

in the beginning it was different. he did text me or at least tell me where he is going.

when I text him on Facebook, he won't even open my message though he does stuff on his profile.

i would love to have a relationship sometime, because I think we are perfect for each other but I don't know how to tell him. I am afraid he'll run when I start talking about a relationship.

every time he leaves, I feel like it fires us some steps back. that's why I am afraid to tell him that I have feelings for him, because I don't know if its too early for that.

when he's here everything's great and he gives me the feeling he really likes me, but as soon as he leaves I have the feeling he forgets totally about me.

what should I do?


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  • I think you should really consider having a relationship with him.

    He travels a lot and that's really stressful, and he needs some time off that's why he's always inviting you whenever around town.

    About the not calling/texting before leaving, he just don't want to hurt you when he's going somewhere. Saying goodbye is always hard, and under some unforeseen circumstances, he might never see you again.


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