Why are guys obsessed with texting?

really now, whatever happened to "Call me?"

have we lost our voices? Do telephones no longer receive audio? Are our thumbs becomes our new communication devices?

In my dating and flirting experiences this past year, rarely people want to call. when I mentioned over text that I'm not a big texter or I was low on text I received responses like "well ill see you when I see u, night cutie"

i haven't had a problem with my girl-friends just wanting to text me.

yes waking up to cute texts in the morning is sweet But not if that is our primary communication.

are you guilty of this texting addiction?

is it "okay" now to call or will text continue to be "the thing to do"

i do feel more secure texting than calling and it gives me time to think and multi-task but for a "good night" what would you rather have, a call or a quick text?


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  • As crazy as this sounds, in this society that provides us with more ways to communicate than at any point in recorded history, some people are afraid of the actual interaction process. They would rather text informally than even speak on the phone to one another. Baffling, and very sad also. Texting has also given shy people a much less pressure-filled way to talk, at least in their eyes. To me, a phone conversation has never been intimidating.


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  • Honestly, I've had this happen with all the girls I date. I want to call her but she wants to text. It's become so favorable that I've been dumped by said texting.

  • Why? Texting waits in the inbox, it doesn't require an immediate response.

    At least for shy people, calling seems like an intrusion. Texting the person can wait to respond, but calling necessitates an immediate action on our behalf. It seems almost...rude :-/

    • But people have been making calls for years now. it was never deemed an "intrusion".

    • But now there's a less intrusive alternative. Who wouldn't go for that?

      In response to the update, I'd personally much rather have a call, but I wouldn't have the stones to make one myself.

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  • Some people feel more secure texting than calling! Some people can write there feelings out more open than talking to people! Yes I noticed many people prefer texting! But you can call sometimes and text too, it just seems all they do is text! And texting you can multitask, if you driving, in class, work, and does times you can't talk! There are times when they can talk but don't lol What's Up?...Nothing much...and you?...Oh nada watching tv...Ok call me! and they still won't! lol I guess technology really broke peoples communications completely! Now we got men that text us to go on a date haha now what's up with that? lol

    • U really shouldnt be txting and driving.

      ya I've noticed guys txting like hey wanna go 2 the movies???

    • Yeah but we ain't perfect lol It's traffic so hey lets text lol but exactly that's ridiculous to ask a girl on a date texting! Why don't you ignore all their texts and see what happens!

  • I think a lot of people feel more comfortable texting because you don't have 2 give an imediate response. I like texting better its easier... and sometimes when people call me I don't know what 2 say lol

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