Do you date a guy who got another girl pregnant?

My crush, Ryan, recently asked me out. We went to dinner and a movie, then he asked me on a second date. A week later, we started dating. He is an amazing guy is is really sweet. But, two days ago, I found out that Ryan got Lauren, the popular girl, pregnant. I have tried asking him about it but I chicken out. We have made out multiple times and he's always trying to go to far. I want to be with him but I'm scared. Any advice?


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  • [an amazing guy , is is really sweet.]

    Why isn't he with Lauren, the popular girl, if she's pregnant with his child?:-S

    Get plan B in your First Aid as soon as possible. It can be difficult to find in a small town on Sunday and works best if taken within 24hrs, I just looked it up: link

    If that fails: Panned Parenthood: link


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  • You say you're 15? I would definitely try to stay away from a guy who trys to keep pushing it and go farther and farther, especially since you already know he doesn't care about safety and will do anything to get it on. What do you think would happen if he got you pregnant? The same thing he did to Lauren, move on to the next.


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  • Here's the best way to casually bring up the ol' "did you knock some other chick up" question: have sex with him without a condom and allow him to ejaculate inside of you (of course, you need to tell him you're on the pill to trick him into doing this), then, a few days later, talk to him in a very concerned voice and tell him you're pregnant. His reaction will reveal whether or not he's the baby-daddy of one kid or two.