How long should I wait before the third date?

So long story short, me and this girl have been on two dates. She's 18, I'm 21 and we didn't really know each other before we started. She was the one who asked me out on the first date and we had a great time and lots in common. Few days later, I asked her out on a second date and it went great, we talked, we were walking through the city and held hands all that time. At the end of the date I ''escorted'' her to her home and we shared our first kiss. I'm fairly certain we do have something going on and that she's interested in a relationship with me, but I don't know how long I should wait before developing it even further. I wanna ask her out on a third date to see how well we've bonded, but I don't wanna suffocate her. We went out 2 days ago. When do you guys think I should call her?


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  • 2 days? Tell me you've at least texted her since then. I mean usually when I'm trying to date someone, we just text constantly. And through conversation you'll kind of figure a time to get together. It would happen naturally but everyone's different

    • Her phone is messed up, so we're not texting much. But 90% of our time together we spend by talking. I try not to be too needy, and she also has school stuff to do so I try not to bother her too much. I do plan on asking her if we should talk more.

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