Why are guys such jackasses when you come to them for information?

So my friend is dating this guy and she gives me his number so I can ask him if his friend is into me . I text her boyfriend and he said that his friend doesn't like me even though I now its a lie and then a week later I'm at a store with my friends and my friends boyfriends was there with the guy I'm into and his other friends and he calls my name and says "hey look 'hhcutie531' its 'big Mac' and he is so desperately in love with you and 'big Mac' is blushing and his friends are laughing and I'm just thinking that I want to kill my friends boyfriend.

I mean her boyfriend is a perfectly nice guy and he just decides he wants to pull this crap . Does he have some kind of problem with me. I mean what did I do to deserve that . I don't even talk to him. What did I do to deserve that stunt!


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  • Grow up and ask him out yourself. You're obviously nowhere in your alleged age group. Just slip him a little note in reading class. The more hearts and abbreviations, the better. You can never go wrong with a properly-folded piece of notebook paper.

    • Not the point of the question, but thanks for the advice it reall helps and I do mean that. :)

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