How do I transition to phone calls?

I've been texting this guy a while. I'm not sure if he likes me or if he thinks we're just friends, or if he's just being friendly.

We text a couple times a week for a couple hours at a time.

How can I transition from this habit into phone calls?

(We do hang out on occasion, but usually in a group, so I'm afraid I've been sending mixed messages that only confuse him.)


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  • I had the same problem a few months ago. In fact, it was a bit harder because he worked two jobs and went to class, so sometimes all he could do was text and I didn't want to risk calling him when he was at work. Once I got a feel for his schedule it became easier.

    The first time we were texting and I had to start driving so I called him and was like "Didn't want to ignore you but I have to drive so I figured I'd just give you a call."

    After that, I'd just send him texts asking him to call me...usually at first I'd make sure I had something important to talk about. Like I had this crappy professor last semester so a lot of times I'd ask him (the guy not the professor) to call me so I could rant.

    So we still mostly texted but the phone began to be introduced as another form of communication. I think after awhile I became more comfortable with him and then I just called him "just to talk." I think the first time I did that I was pretty honest, "Hey, I just missed you and thought I'd call to say hi. That ok?" And he talked to me for two hours until he had to go to work so I guess that was OK lol.


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  • My last girlfriend and I texted heavily for 2 weeks and she called me. The initial conversations were awkward, but after that it was easy. I actually prefer voice to text so tell him you want to hear his sexy voice , ;) that should get him goin.

  • Small tip for you. Men don't "talk" on the phone. We aren't your girlfriends


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