Not talking during a dinner date. Bad? really bad? okay?

i was just taught not to talk at the table ._.

its a habit I have and was wondering if I have to attempt to break it. For future reference ofc


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  • Really bad? umm... weeeeeeeelll yes ._.

    But was it your first date with her? Do you guys know each other really well? If the answer is no... well... we have a problem. Don't fear though most rules are meant to be broken or have an exception.. so if you're up with breaking it you be fine, and do so. If you're not however, try not to dinner date or at least tell the girl first about it because she'll go home thinking it was something she did or said and she would not rest especially if she really likes you.

    And worse yet if she's like me... she'll over-analyze and over think your every move after. "OMGoodness, he touched his napkin 3 times in the past minute with his left hand... what could this mean /: Is that, some kind of sign? Why isn't he saying anything? He doesn't like me... I know I should have worn the red dress :( "

    PS That's the correct thing though, that's what most of us are taught with the whole dinner/dining etiquette... but like most things it's evolving.

    • "she'll over-analyze and over think your every move after"

      Haha, so true. It's actually kind of cute because it means the girl really wants you to like her.

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  • I was taught that too. Only speak when my parents asked a question or it's about school. Other than that, it's pure silence.

    Dinner date is different, you're trying to get to know the person. Of course, don't speak with your mouth full.

    Just come up with some simple questions that doesn't normally get in the way of eating. You don't want to talk till your food gets cold (food going to waste is no bueno).

  • Very bad

    You should have someone to say to someone you're interested in


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  • Dude, the girl needs to be comfortable with you having an interesting natural conversation in order for you to escalate the physical contact towards the kiss/sex. Make her talk about herself, her dreams, ideals, dreams, fears, all that stuff. Show genuine interest in what she's saying.

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