He won't speak to me

After a huge fight on Halloween my guy and I decided to work things out. Things seemed to be fine. We agreed to only see one another and to work on our problems. We didn't get to spend a lot of time going on dates. The time we spent was more me making dinner helping him with his school work(he was in the military so at 34 is now getting his degree.) we are both highly busy people. He went out of state for the holidays and I thought things were great spent some nice money on gifts so he felt special. When he got back in town I picked him up from the airport once again everything seemed great. The weekend after New Years we were supposed to do dinner and have a date night. Instead he complained about being low on funds and how he wanted to stay in. I went out my friends for a birthday party where my car battery died I repeadly tried to call him with no success. The next day he text me to tell me his phone was dead( I listened to his story but something felt wrong and didn't want to jump to conclusions) we ended up having lunch the following Tuesday which I paid for. He told me how amazing I was but I couldn't shake the feeling something was wrong. As odd as it is in this day and age him and I never added one another on Facebook. I looked at his account and sure enough the day I couldn't reach him he had tagged himself with friends and some girl at a local club. He profile was wide open so rather then freak out I sent him a request and a message. I then looked at the girls page and she was making comments calling him babe and how much she missed him. Obviously he knew he had been caught and started making excuses how he was too busy for me and I deserved someone better the day before the fb discovery. Here's my question though this man has keys to my house, car as well as numerous belongings of mine. After realizing I knew he was playing me he ceased all contact. I tried texting him twice basically nothing long or emotional but just that we needed to talk. I have gotten no response. I know he isn't dead so what's up with that? I'm having conflicted emotions. I've hurt betrayed and feel used on many levels but I also feel I deserve my stuff back and an explanation. Suggestions?

It's been over 2 weeks with no contact or response from him


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  • I know you deserve it but sometimes it's better to take a lose and just move on because you're making yourself so upset over osmeone who isn't worth it. he just doesn't care