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A few weeks ago people ragged on a question about background checking someone you’ve met online. In light of the Manti Teo’s situation and the MTV show cat fishing don’t you think it that’s a smart thing to do? Perhaps not full on background checking but even just googling their name to see what pops up. In the internet driven world we live in its almost inevitable that people who use social media sites will build relationships(via those sites) . Even here on GAG. Adding to that is the online dating craze. Do you think the internet will continue to play a role in how people build relationships ?


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  • I think it's a reasonable thing to do, if the situation is tough to get a gauge of. You don't have the same level of comfoet first getting to know someone online that you would in person, so I wouldn't put my energy into someone who I didn't have any clue about.

    As for online dating becoming more prominent, I don't think it will be too much bigger than what it is now. You see articles talking about how so many more people are meeting through dating sites, but they seem to neglect how much more difficult something like that is in the end. I really wouldn't be surprised to see online dating decline a bit once people see that it's not the easy way out that they thought it was.

  • I think its possible, if giving the right person an opportunity.


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