Should I wait longer to give him his first kiss?

I have known this guy for half of the school year, it wasn't until about a week ago that I actually hung out with him and a couple of other ppl. I gave him hugs and such but never anything else. Well I told him I liked him. And turns out he feels the same. I'm hanging out with him tomorrow.

Should I wait on giving him his first kiss?

And guys. How did you feel about ur first kiss?

And girls. What happened after you kissed him the first time?


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  • Usually, people kiss after a date, first or a later one. It just feels more appropriate to me, since you are alone with the person. I am going to put emphasis on 'date', because just hanging out seems very "friendish" to me. But, you did say that you both like each other, soo...

    You should go for it if you feel the moment is right. It's up to your judgement.

    Well all think differently, I'd rather wait a while, the time to get to know the other person better. I take these kinds of things with a pinch of seriousness, but hey, that's just me ;)


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  • since you just hung out with him for the first time. get to know him and after getting to know him better, if you still feel the same way about him go for it. but if this is a situation where your hormones are outta control try to control them.

  • Yeah, if you like him, I think you should kiss him, because if you leave it too long, and you both know that you like each other but that nothing's been done, there's a chance it could get awkward.

    Good luck =)