Kissing him subtly? Don't know how?

Hey guys! So I have a serious question so don't get pissed because of my stupidity. So I like this guy and he likes me but I am a year older than him so I will be graduating school this year. He is coming to my graduation because most of his friends are a year older and I want to kiss him unexpectedly. Don't tell me it's not a good idea because he loves surprises. I am two inches shorter and I want to greet him then kiss him so he knows I'm there but so he doesn't know I'm gonna kiss him. So how do I approach him, how long should the greeting be, how to I pull him in, how long should it last and where do I put my hands? Also, afterward, do I just smile or what should I say or do? Plus I want to kind of throw in some flirting so when and how? Thanks for your time all answers are appreciated! ;)


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  • I don't think it matters, I'm guessing this is the first time the two of you will kiss and if I'm correct then he will just be so freakin happy that he's getting a kiss. just try to do something cool like grab his shirt, don't worry about subtlies. just go and take what is yours he will think its cool. most of the time guys are so stressed about what to do that its actually a big relief when a girl initiates kissing. he will be totally surprised. as far as greeting first then kissing later. greet him with a hug then keep your arms around his neck and kiss,

    • Thanks I will definitely try this!

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