I get too anxious about anything?

We're in High School, we're dating. I never actually show that I'm anxious or act differently but if I'm not with her I can get really anxious and think stuff like "What if she all of the sudden stops liking me back?" I tend to over think. And even though in my mind I'm fine with the stuff that makes me anxious, that doesn't stop my body from feeling extremely anxious. Like I had to go somewhere today, and she went to a concert. We were talking and a couple hours ago she didn't text back, but I can see when she was last online and it was after I texted her. I'm fine with that in my head. Completely fine. But it makes me extremely anxious and I can't sleep.

It's also important to know that my cousin (her best friend) told me that a couple months ago she cheated on her boyfriend while she was in a concert. Yeah, everyone tells me it that I'm the first "good" guy she has, and I honesty think she cares about me. But that's probably a reason why I'm so anxious right now. It's cause it's been a couple hours and it makes me think "what if in those couple hours she met someone else and stopped liking me"
I KNOW she's not in any way mine. She's a person. She can do whatever she wants with whoever she wants. And I'm fine with that, that's why it bothers me so much to be this anxious.


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  • Dude,you're anxious,lol.It's not fine in your head because you can't sleep and you keep thinking about it.If your stomach hurt or sth and you weren't thinking about then it may be fine in your head but it's not.As for your girlfriend,well she cheated before and you're the first "good guy" she's been with.So she's the type that goes with bad boys and cheats on them.You should be anxious,lol.But not too much though,I mean worst case scenario she cheats on you so you dump her,period.

  • You're being too anxious and you're starting to get insane.

    It's best if you just take things at face value. If she likes you, then she likes you because she likes you and not for any other reason. Assume also that that attraction will last long.

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