Girl says she's pregnant. Should I believe her?

I met a 32 year old woman in December just before X-mas from We ended up hooking up a few days later and had a one night stand. We had unprotected sex which of course I know was irresponsible, but this was all alcohol driven after a few bottles of wine. This is nothing out of the norm for single men/women living in Vegas either. After that night we never saw or spoke to each other again because I just didn't feel it or see it going any where in the long term.

Fast forward a few weeks later. I get two really vague messages from her that don't make any sense at all about how she's freaking out, but she doesn't say over what. I don't even respond and just delete them considering it post hookup-night drama as I've been down that road before with women acting crazy. Another few weeks later, here at the end of January now, she texts me again saying exactly this, "Since you never read the email...just an fyi...the test was positive. I'm not asking for anything, I need time to figure sh*t out." Followed by, "Its not about u. Won't include you in my decision then."

I text back and ask what email, what are you talking about, what test, etc. etc. Hours go by and I don't hear anything. I chalk it up once again to the ramblings of a crazy person and text her to basically lose my number and leave me alone because it's creeping me out.

Another hour goes by and then I finally get a text from her saying, "I'm with a patient in the lab." - mind you this is at 9PM and I know she isn't a Doctor, so I have no clue what this even means. Again, I ask what's going on to which she replies, "I'm tired, and should think before I speak. Give me a day?" to which I text, "Would it kill you to give me a straight response/answer?" and then she just comes out and texts "I'm pregnant."

After reading that, I tried calling, she doesn't pick up, but then responds with, "I'm not ignoring u, I friends/family from alaska at my house now." By the way, these texts are verbatim with the shorthand and grammar mistakes exact. I'm a little more proud in how I text/type. But anyways, what's interesting about the family text is it was 40 minutes after the patient text. Sooo, she went from seeing a "patient" in some lab to being in her house with family in town? Um, okay..

After that I did text back again and we discussed things a little more in detail for the next hour or so, but again the responses were very vague and poorly written. I told her exactly how I felt about the situation and what *I* think would be the best road to go down.

I guess my questions is, does this just seem like BS or is it just me? There's a few reasons why I'm calling BS. How far would a woman actually go?

1. When we hooked up I was on a pro-hormone cycle which lowers sperm production.

2. Who claims to send an email/texts something this important?

3. It just doesn't feel right to me.

4. On her Facebook she 'Likes' and gets a kick out of these "prank" texting cell phone shot.


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  • If she doesn't have any prior children then this maybe her only opportunity. to become a mother. I don't think she is lying about being pregnant . Try and find out about her history maybe an ex boyfriend . Find out the kind of person she is and if she is the type that does these kind of things or if this is out of character of who she is.


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  • To be honest, she sounds serious.

  • I don't know :/ she sounds a little crazy to me. i feel bad saying that though :(

  • Wow you are an asshole!

    Buck up and take responsibility you are not a child!

  • That's what you get.

    She's pregnant and now your life is going to change forever.


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  • If you're dumb enough to f*** a crazy chick bareback... well, there's not much you can do about now.

    • Crazy? How would you like it if you woke up one day pregnant?

    • Oh yeah, way to sound totally sane there, love. Ask a man what he'd do when he gets pregnant... you're not one of the crazy ones, no siree (backs away slowly...)

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