Why I can't accept the fact that my EX gets lots of girls?

So... My ex did something that made me think he would like to be with me back and was feeling regret to broke up with me. I seriously thought he loved me and wished to be with me again, he gave me hope, but then, I found out he was kissing lots of girls like crazy. He went to parties and made out with like 5 or10 girls a night... He kept this behavior for at last 4 months for what I know. 4 months of going out everyday kissing ANY girl he could kiss.

I am devastated.

give me your opinion.

ps. before you say the reason must be because he is hot, it is not, he isn't attractive, a 4 out of 10 at best.


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  • Why are you jealous of it? It's him wanting these girls and him kissing them not them kissing or wanting him! He's probably doing it to make you jealous and it's working

    He will end up with no one if he will keep doing what he's doing, no girl will want to be with a guy that kisses so many girls in one night, that is sick and discusting!

    You on the other hand will became stronger and find someone that won't ever treat you like these and won't be so immature like him. He's playing mind games with you. And that's chlidish.

    Don't let him upset you, if he's trying to make you jealous then yeah he probably still has feelings for you, but he will only really realize this, when you will be happy with someone else, and won't even think of him anymore. He's worth nothing, move on and be happy!


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  • Maybe he way lying.

    Maybe he wasn't. Guys don't stop hook of up just because they love their ex, in fact a lot do it to bury the hurt.

    • could you explain better your comment? I really need opinions.

  • Probably wants to make you jealous. It seems that succeeded. My opinion. Find a better guy.


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  • He's a manwhore, that's pretty much all there is to say. You're better off not worrying about him.