Not sure what to do in this situation, any opinions?

I met this girl last week. She walked up to me and said that she knew me from somewhere, after a couple minutes we figured out that we were on the same swim team 10 years ago. We talked a bit that night, but nothing happened.

A couple of days ago, I saw that she was accepted into a sorority, so I sent her a message and congratulated her. We talked for an hour or so and she gave me her number and said to text her if there was anything going on on Saturday. I have been out of town for a couple of months and she has been around my fraternity alot, so she didn't really need me to tell her what was going on because she already knew a lot of people there, so that was a good sign.

We talked for about 2 full days and the topic of formal was brought up. So I asked her if she wanted to go to mine, which is in like a month and a half. She said yes, and was very excited and thanked me for inviting her.

Before she came over on Saturday, I found out that she had told a lot of people that I was taking her to formal. Once she got there, she just didn't seem that interested in me. We did talk for a while, but since she knew a lot of the people in my fraternity she was always running over and saying hi and was always really excited to see the next person. There was also a rumor that someone brought up to her that she liked someone else in my fraternity, she said she didn't but who knows.

The entire night, I tried to talk to her, but it just seemed...awkward. It is hard to explain. Her texting didn't reflect the way she acted towards me in person.

Today, she invited me and 2 other people in my fraternity to go to the food court on campus, I got there before the other 2 and we talked for a while. It was going well, and once the other people got there we were still getting along pretty well. But we haven't texted much today at all, and she just seems like she is acting different.

I mainly just can't tell how she feels towards me, after all, we did just meet a week ago and she has known the other people for much longer. And we are going to formal together, but I'm just not sure what to think of this. She said that if I wanted to get dinner to let her know and she could swipe us in. I said that I could make it, but it turns out she had fallen asleep and overslept, she texted me asking for a rain check. I said that was fine.

How should I handle this? I want to get to know her leading up to formal, but I can't shake this feeling that something weird is going on. Thoughts?

We talked for a bit yesterday, it was a good conversation. Earlier in the day I had asked if she wanted to watch a movie later in the week that she had mentioned wanting to see the week before. I wanted to get to know her better, since I have only known her a week. At the end of the conversation last night, she said oh sorry, I forgot I have a sisterhood event to go to that night and can't go watch the movie. I said that was fine, and said if she wanted to do it again let me know.
I feel like she blew me off, I have no doubt she has a sisterhood. But after I asked her earlier she sort of started answering with one word responses. Later on she was answering pretty long, but I definitely got the feeling that she didn't want to see it with me. Maybe I am reading WAY too much into this, but she just acts so weird around me as compared to everyone else.


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  • She'll definitely go to the formal with you.

    I think she's really happy meeting a lot of people, however you're still the man she's going with.

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