Artistic/ Rocker/ Indie and or Hipster guys would you date a Black Girl?

guys would you date a black girl?

please comment about specifics!

  • Just wanna see the answers
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  • Nope
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  • Yes I would, and I am a black hipster/artsy/indie/ or rocker guy
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  • Yes I would, and I am a NONblack hipster/artsy/indie/ or rocker guy
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  • Yes I would and I am a Mixed hipster/artsy/indie/ or rocker guy
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes I would don't know what you mean by specifics but I'm Caucasian.

    • haha thanks for answering! I ment if your not like the guy I described (artsy, rocker ect) then what are you like, jock? preppy? southern? Caliboy/ surfer? skater? ect

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    • Im really glad to hear you say all of that! You are my favorite person! Where I live, I have heard time after time the guys I like say that they would never date a black girl and so its good to hear that its not everyone. thank you so much!

    • Your welcome you should probably avoid those kind of people as they will only fill your mind with negative thoughts that aren't true if a guy says he would never date a black girl he's not worth dating himself and is a fool.

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What Guys Said 5

  • I wouldn't date anyone prepared to date a hipster, regardless of race.

  • Artistic/rocker type here, I would If she's attractive in body and spirit. I'm not specifically into black girls but there are some amazing ones out there.

  • Sure, but I only fit artistic from the above list.

    • Thanks for answering! What do you like in a girl?

    • Cute, smart, passionate, honest, respectful, trustworthy, reliable, caring, a deep personality that I find interesting, etc. Someone like me, that I can relate to. I know a lot, and have a lot of interests so whatever she's into, I've probably already had a hand in at some point in my life. =P I don't really have a problem finding people with overlapping interests, just people that have a depth that makes me really appreciate them, and the character to really trust them... Pretty girls are a

    • dime a dozen for me. Not easy to find one with the personality I need though. =|

  • Not any of those, but I would I guess. I don't see why I'd care about her race.

  • Ehhh I'm a white rocker and I'm not attracted to black girls


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm black and I attract a LOT of hipster, artsy, rocker & indie white guys. I'd say they make up about 60% of the people that are attracted to me. Where I live there aren't many hipster/artsy/indie/rocker guys that are black (there's maybe like 2 lol, the rest of the guys here are "CaliSwag" types) so I haven't attracted any of those..

    A couple of the guys that have been attracted to me were mixed & hipster/rocker guys.

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