Guy sending mixed messages, or is he not that into me?

When I first met this guy he asked me for my phone number and we hit it off he was the first one to tell me he like me and then I told him the feeling was mutual. We would text everyday to talk about anything, or just to say how was your day. Fast forward to a month or two later he would text me and say "Hey" and that would be the end of the conversation. A couple of days ago we hung out and I asked him why doesn't he text, he asks me why don't I text him first, I also asked him did he lose interest and he said he was still interested in me, he said he was too shy to call and surprise me. He initiated that he wanted my mom to meet his mom, and he wanted to me to meet his mom. We hugged goodbye, afterward he texted me it was nice seeing me. The next day I texted him and asked how his day was, he responded "It was ok," I responded 'My day was good, thanks for asking". And I haven't texted nor has he, but I will see him in a couple days at work. When we're together he's completely different then the way he texts now, we use to text and talk on the phone for hours now that's stopped. Can someone give me some advice. Thanks in advance.


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  • He is not sending you mixed messages. Maybe he feels you're not as interested in him because he seems to feel like he has to initiate every conversation. When texting, spice it up a little, put in a little joke, maybe exagerrate it a little to make it more funny. He probably feels like he is going nowhere with you because you seem like you two are boring with text convos. Oh and he probably took it the wrong way when you said "My day was good, thanks for asking" did he ask about your day? I don't know but if he didn't then he probably did take it in a negative way. When time passes, peoples attitudes and feelings change most of the time. I'm sure he likes you, just have to be more interesting and fun. I don't know if you guys are together but I'm going to pretend like you guys are. In the starting of a relationship, the couple go through a stage called "The honeymoon phase" this usually lasts on average two -three months, where its extensive callings, talking on the phone all lovey dovey, hugs and kisses, I love you forever, etc. Then you get to the point where fights break in, some bickering, boredom of each other, not as much enthusiasm when you talk or text because a couple already knows each other, its not as interesting. I don't know what else to say, but there is a 50/50 chance he is still into you. Take him out and do something exciting,try something new and see how it goes :) let me know!

    • Its pretty ridiculous when we together he is the best person in the world, he's a passionate hugger, looks me in the eyes, calls me beautiful all the time, but when we're apart he doesn't call or text back til two hours later. Don't understand what's going on.

    • well, just remeber that everyone needs their space. Maybe let him text you first next time :)

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  • Firstly guys are weird texters in general. I've noticed guys can appear as flaky in texts but that doesn't really mean much always. It can just mean he's busy, occupied, away from his phone or just tired/lazy/bored. I used to read a lot into texts and then realized my thoughts were often inaccurate because I assume my texting style would be the same as someone else's. But it's not. I know you said he used to be different, but he could have a lot on his mind right now or he could feel like you're not interested and that he has to make effort all the time. I think you need to make conversation more and then decide by his reactions. If he's being consistent in how he texts then you can start with reaching a conclusion on whether he's lost interest or not. If he keeps giving one world replies and not texting in such a manner that entertains a reply from your side then it's a red flag. But if it doesn't happen often then it can probably be explained.

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